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Oct 2022
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With over half a million loads of logs transported by truck in BC each year, log hauling is essential to the success of the industry.  Western Star trucks X Series anti-lock braking system, load securement and safety systems all make traveling down the side and highway roads safe for the driver and other commuters they may pass.

We sat down with Blackwing Inc. to ask them a few questions about what their favourite items are to get the job done.

What do you love about the logging industry?

There are many things we love about the logging industry and especially the trucking industry but without a doubt the thing we love the most is the adrenaline rush you get when you bring a load off the top of a mountain. Especially when you are above the clouds, it’s a great feeling.

What are you looking for in a truck to get the job done?

Hauling off highway is absolutely punishing on a truck, and we need equipment that is capable of handling everything that gets thrown at it.

The airliner suspension (on the Western Star 49X) is the best suspension that we have ever worked with, it has kept our fleet running and kept us safe, it’s strong, and it’s easy to work on. It has maximized our up time and minimized our downtime. A truck has to look good too! Glossy paint, tons of lights, and a massive drop visor!

About Blackwing Inc.

Blackwing Inc. is a Mackenzie based company that was formed in 2010 by Shawna Barnes. First-generation log haulers, she and her husband Brad thrived with a professional and dedicated team of drivers. They have continuously grown and adapted to the logging industry while maintaining their fleet of Western Star trucks.

Growth and professionalism remain the priority with numerous opportunities and a solid fleet. With a focus on uptime, with a great product and amazing support, Blackwing Inc. always gets the job done!

For more information about Blackwing Inc., visit



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