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Truck Fuel Leaks
Nov 2022
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A fuel leak is a serious safety problem, and it’s never safe to continue operating a truck when there is an issue with the fuel system. If you’re experiencing a fuel leak with your truck, schedule an appointment for heavy-duty truck services as soon as possible. Never ignore a fuel leak as it poses a hazard for you and others on the road.

How to tell if your truck has a fuel leak

One of the telltale signs of a fuel leak is the smell of diesel fuel. If you smell diesel fuel, inspect the underbelly of your truck and look for a puddle of fuel. This may help you identify where a leak is coming from. 

While these two are the most common symptoms of a fuel leak, other signs include a significant increase in your fuel consumption with no change to your route and a “rough idle”. When you attempt to start your truck, and you hear a strain in the engine, be sure to have this checked out. Any issues with the fuel system and engine can become a costly repair or replacement if it’s neglected. 

Why you should never ignore a fuel leak

  1. It can cause a fire – First and foremost, a fuel leak is the most common cause of truck fires. Not only does this create a safety hazard for you, but for the public as well. Even if the truck catches fire with no one inside, anyone near it can be seriously injured.
  2. Risk of carbon monoxide exposure – Driving a truck with a fuel leak exposes you to carbon monoxide which is poisonous when inhaled. Carbon monoxide is released when fuel burns and, if inhaled in large quantities, can be fatal. 
  3. Increased operational costs – The longer you drive with a leak in your fuel system, the more your fuel consumption increases which is costly and wasteful. Additionally, a fuel leak continues to cause a strain on your engine over time, which is more costly to repair or replace. 
  4. You can be fined – If a police officer or CVSE officer detects fuel leaking from your truck, you can be fined and cited for other penalties as a commercial truck driver.

Where to find fuel leak truck repair services in Western Canada 

Velocity Truck Centres is a leading name in the industry for providing quality Freightliner and Western Star services across Western Canada. Velocity Truck Centres is certified to service any heavy-duty truck brand on the market. We operate with a fully certified, factory-trained team of technicians and have access to over 15 million dollars in parts inventory through our dealer network. 

With the longest service hours in the business, we can help you get safely back on the road sooner. Find a Velocity Truck Centres service provider near you and book an appointment with us today.


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