Truckipedia Blog Category - Routine vs. Reactive: The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Logging Trucks in Northern BC

Logging Trucks
Nov 2023
Truck Service Centre

The overall well-being of your fleet and keeping your logging trucks on the road as long as possible comes down to routine versus reactive maintenance. Travelling through Northern BC can bring lousy weather conditions and challenging routes, making routine maintenance imperative. Safety is critical, and avoiding downtime is the goal of every trucking company. 

Why is Regular Maintenance for Logging Trucks Important?

Preventative Maintenance

Logging trucks require preventative maintenance to work optimally and to get the most out of their lifespan. Regular upkeep aids in detecting problems before they escalate into expensive fixes. While busy fleets might be tempted to postpone preventative maintenance if nothing seems out of the ordinary, this often leads to the worst-case scenario – vehicles may break down if they aren’t serviced routinely.

Improved Safety

Regular inspections by trained professionals of brakes, tires, lights, and other parts can help to keep vehicles safe. 

Reducing Future Maintenance Costs

A small problem can become a more significant issue when it goes untreated. When bigger issues occur, they often come with a hefty price tag compared to if the problem could have been a simple fix in the first place. Preventative maintenance can help reduce those bigger problems from becoming expensive repairs, reducing future maintenance costs. 

Reduce Downtime

In the logging industry, downtime is not conducive to a successful business. A breakdown in Northern BC can be dangerous and costly. Preventative maintenance can be invaluable for keeping your fleet on the road. However, if you need to bring your logging truck in for maintenance, our promise is “less time in the shop, more time on the road,” so our team will get you back up and running in no time. 

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Properly maintained logging trucks are more fuel efficient and emit fewer emissions. Oil changes and regular maintenance keep your truck running at peak performance while being better for the environment. A strict and consistent maintenance schedule can provide many benefits with few downsides. 

Tips for Proper Logging Truck Maintenance

Use Quality Parts

The old adage “you get what you pay for” can be valid for many things, including truck parts. Using high-quality parts will always be worth the investment in your logging trucks. We have access to over $8 million in parts inventory through our dealer network, providing the best quality options for our customers.

Visit a High-Quality Service Provider

Not all service providers are created equal. The Velocity Truck Centers team is made up of fully certified, factory-trained technicians who receive ongoing training to ensure they are always on the top of their game. We also offer the most extended service hours of anyone in the business. Our Northern BC locations offer exceptional service, and we invite you to experience a higher standard with us. 

Velocity Truck Centers is Northern BC’s Top Service Provider

Our customer-first approach allows us to provide the best maintenance services for logging trucks across Northern BC. With locations in Terrace, Fort St. John, Prince George and Williams Lake, we’ve been Western Canada’s premier Freightliner, Western Star heavy and medium duty truck dealer and Thomas Built supplier for over 40 years.


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