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On-Highway Trucks
Nov 2023
Truck Service Centre

When your on highway truck breaks down, it can be costly and stressful. A breakdown can have a domino effect with delays that might impact many businesses. A great service provider in Northern BC can be the difference between a breakdown with minimal downtime or a costly breakdown for you and your customers. 

The best service providers have expert mechanics and access to high-quality parts with convenient locations and hours.

On Highway Truck Parts and Service Providers

In the case of a breakdown or serious issue, you want to know that your truck is in the right hands. We offer our Express Assessment service, which is the commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to you within 2 hours of arrival. Here at Velocity Truck Centers, we want to minimize your downtime, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

The Benefits of On Highway Truck Maintenance

Strict preventative maintenance should be part of every truck’s routine. The benefits are undeniable. 

Cost Efficiency

Effectively prioritizing preventive maintenance for on highway trucks ensures potential issues are addressed before they manifest into something bigger and more expensive. This approach reduces the frequency and cost of extensive truck repairs.

Due to their large-scale operations, maintenance providers such as Velocity Truck Centers, acquire vehicle OEM or non-OEM parts in bulk from trusted suppliers, allowing them to offer premium parts, such as tires and fluids, at a reduced rate. Due to our provider network, we have access to over $15 million in parts inventory for our customers.

While it’s challenging to influence gas prices, well-executed ongoing fleet service guarantees improved fuel efficiency. A meticulously maintained engine operates optimally, ensuring balanced fuel consumption and not requiring constant oil changes.

Prolonged Vehicle and Equipment Lifespan

Beyond just ensuring vehicle health, service providers also look into factors that could extend a vehicle’s lifespan. Factors like driving style, routes taken, and load weights might be fine-tuned to boost engine performance and ultimately extend the life of on highway trucks.

Operational Availability

Leveraging advanced technology and automation, coupled with their skilled mechanics, truck maintenance providers can accurately pinpoint fleet needs and implement strategies to boost productivity swiftly and efficiently.

Improved Inspection Results

Consistent monitoring and timely maintenance keep trucks in prime condition, ensuring they pass inspections with outstanding results.

Why is Velocity Truck Centers the Best Service Provider in Northern BC?

Exceptional Parts and Service

Our dealer network allows us to have the most comprehensive inventory of parts available. Our Express Assessment service, team members, and customer experience allow us to be the best in the business. Our global market allows quick ordering and delivery of parts, ensuring that your truck is back up and running in a timely manner. 

Top-notch Team

Our Fully certified, factory trained technicians are all long-term employees with years of experience and participate in on-going training, so they’re at the forefront of the industry. 

Five Fantastic Northern BC Locations

While we have locations across BC and Alberta, our Terrace, Fort St. John, 2 Prince George and Williams Lake locations are ideal for those driving through Northern British Columbia. We have extended hours, so we’re available more often for our customers’ convenience. 

We are Guided by a Vision of Excellence

Everything we do is done with our customers in mind. We’re dedicated to providing total customer support. We have been Western Canada’s premier Freightliner, Western Star heavy and medium duty truck dealer and Thomas Built supplier for over 40 years – and that doesn’t happen accidentally. 

We are proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies seven years in a row, showcasing our commitment to our team and customers. If you’re looking for a dealership in Northern BC, find your nearest location here


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