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Oct 2023

When you’re in the market for a new truck, factors such as the purchase price and the return on investment are often at the forefront of decision-making. However, a few important aspects are often overlooked that can actually impact your investment over time, including the real cost of ownership.

Freightliner understands that factors such as safety, comfort, and technology are critical links and take great care in designing their trucks with driver well-being in mind. After all, the safety and comfort of the operator can impact productivity and, ultimately, profitability. As a Freightliner truck dealer, we are proud to advocate for these top-of-the-line trucks that prioritize comfort and safety. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top three reasons that set Freightliner trucks apart.

1. Driver Comfort 

One of the most significant factors that impact driver safety is fatigue. Truck drivers are on the road for hours at a time and serious physical issues such as backaches, hip pain, and other conditions can lead to costly downtime.

Freightliner, renowned as one of the safest truck brands in the world, takes this connection into account when designing and engineering their trucks, down to the smallest details. Some of the advanced comfort and safety features of Freightliner trucks include:

  • Taller and longer seats compared to most trucks in the industry
  • Optional seating upgrades such as heating, swivel, and three-way bolster
  • Insulated cab to reduce noise
  • Ergonomic steering wheels with tilting and telescoping features
  • Curved cab walls to reduce vibrational noise 
  • Spacious accommodations and interior lighting provide drivers with a comfortable place to rest
  • Plush mattress to get a good night’s rest

All of the above features lead to better comfort and less fatigue, keeping drivers more alert on the road. 

2. Safety

When it comes to navigating the challenges of long-haul transportation, Freightliner prioritizes the safety of drivers and fellow road users. Freightliner holds high engineering standards, advanced technologies, and robust testing protocols to ensure their trucks are some of the safest heavy-duty vehicles on the road. The following features mitigate risks and prevent accidents:

  • A suite of safety systems that includes collision mitigation and optional lane departure warning
  • Virtual Technician that alerts you about critical issues
  • Detroit® Visibility software that enables wireless communication and GPS to monitor your equipment, including truck location, trip costs, idle time, truck activity, and fuel consumption. 
  • Zonar On-Board Tablet for HOS tracking, two-way messaging, turn-by-turn truck navigation and pre-/post-trip inspections

The evolution of trucking technology has been a game-changer in enhancing road safety and reducing fatal accidents. Freightliner remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously enhancing its systems and coming out with better, safer, and more robust heavy-duty trucks that are hard to beat in the industry.

3. Fuel Efficiency 

When acquiring a truck, whether through lease or finance, one of the largest expenses over the course of the truck’s life is fuel consumption. While a certain heavy-duty truck model may seem like the better choice based on the price of purchase alone, owner-operators may find themselves with a truck that’s more costly to operate because of poor fuel efficiency. 

Freightliner trucks stand out as industry leaders in fuel efficiency, setting a high standard for sustainable transportation. Through meticulous engineering and cutting-edge technologies, Freightliner has managed to optimize every aspect of their vehicles to maximize fuel economy, including:

  • Aerodynamic designs to reduce wind resistance
  • Advanced engine management systems to efficiently burn fuel and minimize waste
  • Alternative fuel options, including natural gas and electric-powered models such as Freightliner’s eCascadia
  • Telematics and fleet management solutions that enable owner-operators to analyze their trucks’s performance, including fuel consumption and idling

By combining innovative design with advanced technology, Freightliner has solidified its reputation as a pioneer in fuel-efficient trucking solutions, offering a greener and more cost-effective option for the transportation industry. 

With a legacy spanning decades, Freightliner has consistently raised the bar in the transportation industry, setting new standards for reliability, performance, and sustainability. Their vehicles are not merely tools for commerce, they also exemplify progress, ensuring that goods – and most importantly, drivers – reach their destinations efficiently and safely. 


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