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Feb 2022
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Taking children to school. Transporting workers to remote sites. Helping visitors explore our surroundings. Buses move people. And when it comes to moving people, safety, comfort and durability matter most. It’s why Thomas Built Buses are the recognized leader in the industry.

Safety and Comfort for Riders and Drivers

Every school bus needs to meet D250 specifications to travel on the road. Thomas Built buses go beyond those requirements to create unparalleled safety and comfort for riders and drivers alike.

Backed by Daimler Trucks North America, Thomas Built leverages global engineering capacity to continuously improve their quality standards. The result is a bus that has left behind the days of thousands of rivets holding the structure together. Instead, high-grade sheet metal and aviation adhesives strengthen the bus cage and serve as the focal point of a safety rating that surpasses all competitors.

Nobody knows buses better than drivers and Thomas Built has been celebrated as the bus that drivers most preferred to use in a third-party survey by an Association in BC. The biggest differences that set the brand apart? The automotive-feeling comfort and ergonomics of the driver’s space as well as the overall visibility inside and outside the bus.

Durability for Owners

Comfort and safety for drivers and passengers is key when assessing new buses, but as an owner, the price needs to be right and durability needs to be high. It ensures your investment is worth it over the long term.

For school boards, daycares, touring organizations and companies with remote operations, the return on a Thomas Built bus is well worth the expense. The strength of construction with the best materials on the market and the variety of additional safety features mean your vehicles will last for years while your most important asset, your passengers, arrive at their destinations safely.

Total Customer Support for Your Peace of Mind

We think it’s important to take care of you in-house with the people who know you and your equipment best. When you purchase Thomas Built buses, the minute you leave our dealership isn’t goodbye. It is your official welcome to Velocity Truck Centres.

We know what you need is parts and service support, and our commitment to total customer support means we are your one-stop shop for assistance. For any customers who are new to Thomas Built equipment, we have an in-house trainer. As soon as your buses are purchased, our team will work with your technicians to do a technical overview of the vehicles along with specialized education to understand the mechanical operation of the bus.

Unlike most manufacturers and dealers who have a 1-800 line, you can call us direct for any repairs or service that are needed. Our recent expansion into more markets means, no matter where you are, we can be your first call. We know how important uptime is for any company, so we ensure you get the fastest service possible to keep you moving people.


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