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Western Star 57X
Feb 2024

The Western Star X-Series has expanded, welcoming the addition of the 57X. The on-highway truck has impressive features, and over half a decade of research and development poured into building it. Western Star is known for operator comfort, safety features, and legendary durability. The Western Star X-Series continues to be a proven top choice when you need a tough truck. 

The Western Star Vocational Trucks: The 47X and 49X

The 47X extends the X-Series reach with features like a shorter hood and 111″ BBC, making it ideal for specific vocational applications adhering to local and bridge law requirements. This truck is tailored for roles such as concrete mixers or dump trucks, showcasing Western Star’s dedication to providing purpose-built tools for diverse job requirements.

The 49X is built for a challenge. This model can deliver whether you need a rugged vocational truck or a long haul highway truck. With the standard, high-quality features of the X-series, the 49X is one of the most advanced trucks that Western Star offers. 

The New Western Star On-Highway Truck: The 57X

The 57X, as the newest member of this family, represents the pinnacle of this evolution, combining advanced technology, safety, comfort, and efficiency, offering significant rewards both behind the wheel and for the bottom line.

57X Features

Western Star X57-Canadian_Highway

The 57X has been unveiled as Western Star’s most fuel-efficient model, boasting a 5.8 percent improvement over its predecessor, the 5700XE. This advancement underpins Western Star’s commitment to dependable performance and productivity.

The truck features Detroit Powertrain components, including the DT12 Direct or Overdrive AMT transmissions. These components are crucial to reducing fuel consumption and enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, Detroit front steer and high-speed ratio rear tandem axles aid in fuel efficiency and performance while cutting down maintenance needs.

Safety and connectivity are paramount in the 57X, which is equipped with the Detroit Assurance 5.0 safety system. These features include Active Brake Assist 5, Adaptive Cruise Control, and optional Active Lane Assist, enhancing driver, pedestrian, and motorist safety. The 57X also introduces Active Side Guard Assist, a pioneering technology for mitigating blind side issues.

Standard Detroit Connect systems provide real-time insights into vehicle performance, which is crucial for informed decision-making. The truck’s digital dash display, akin to luxury cars, includes large entertainment and vehicle information screens, supporting both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 57X embodies Western Star’s distinctive design and construction. It’s available in four cab options – Day Cab, 60-inch Mid Roof, 72-inch Mid Roof, or 72-inch Stratosphere, each featuring leather seating and optional enhancements for comfort. Improved HVAC systems, insulation, and a larger windshield elevate the driver experience.

Exterior all-LED lighting and Dual-Stage Intelligent LED headlights provide superior road illumination, while interior LEDs offer longevity and performance. The truck also offers extensive customization options to meet owner and driver preferences.

Breaking New Ground with the X-Series

The entire X-Series, including the 57X, is a testament to Western Star’s over half a century of experience constructing trucks that withstand any challenge. The X-series unites traditional toughness with modern engineering and technology, ensuring that Western Star’s lineup sets a new standard in heavy-duty trucking, whether you need a rugged vocational truck or a cutting-edge semi-truck.

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