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Mining Trucks from Velocity Truck Centres
Mar 2024

Mining trucks are crucial to the mining industry because they have transformed operations. While being a critical part of operations, mining trucks need maintenance and repair, like any other heavy-duty equipment. From Edmonton to Lloydminster and the surrounding communities, Velocity Truck Centres support the Alberta mining industry by being a one-stop shop for business needs. 

Mining Trucks Significant Role in the Industry

Mining trucks have revolutionized the mining industry in several impactful ways. These trucks have significantly boosted productivity and profitability by enabling faster transport of materials to and from the mines. Their ability to carry large amounts of materials in a single journey reduces the required trips and overall transportation time. This efficiency is crucial in meeting customer demands promptly, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mining trucks are engineered to withstand harsh mining conditions, embodying features that diminish the likelihood of breakdowns and reduce downtime. Their robust construction, excellent traction, and maneuverability allow them to operate effectively across varied terrains. This reliability ensures continuous material transport and enhances operational efficiency.

Heavy-duty mining trucks offer remarkable operational flexibility. They can navigate challenging environments like narrow tunnels, steep inclines, and uneven terrains. This capability opens access to previously unreachable areas within the mines, broadening the exploration and operational scale-up scope. Their flexibility is instrumental in enabling mining operators to adapt to varying demands and capitalize on new business opportunities, further transforming the landscape of the mining industry.

Our Large Selection of Mining Trucks

At Velocity, it’s easy to find your perfect truck. We aim to be a complete service provider, so once you purchase your mining truck from us, we can provide ongoing service. Among our 13 Canadian locations, we offer an impressive inventory of trucks from the best brands. 

Mining Trucks Maintenance and Repair

We always want to reduce your downtime, so we offer our express assessment service. Our express assessment is the commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to you within 2 hours of arrival. Our promise means less time in the shop and more time on the road. 

Velocity Truck Centres is a One-Stop-Shop for Your Mining Trucks Service

Whether you want to purchase a new mining truck or you need to service your current trucks, Velocity is a partner you can trust. Our Edmonton South, Edmonton West, and Lloydminster locations offer extended hours, a dedicated sales team, a large selection of parts, and total customer support. Our team of qualified technicians provides express assessments to get you back on the road sooner.


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