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Truckipedia Blog Category - Taking Electric Trucking from Dream to Reality

Taking Electric Trucking from Dream to Reality
Dec 2021
Truckipedia, Electric Trucking

Commercial transportation keeps the world moving. Behind the scenes, the industry is also moving, evolving every day to meet the demands of a steadily changing world. As emission standards and clean energy become the talk of our modern age, manufacturers are innovating and launching new battery-electric commercial vehicles and electric trucking into the marketplace. Their aim? To establish themselves as leaders in this emerging technology.

In this blog, we look at one of these industry leaders – the Freightliner brand from the eMobility team at Daimler Trucks North America.


Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) can leverage the global strength of more than a century of proven success and dedication to industry-leading innovation. It’s little wonder, then, that its Freightliner brand is poised to lead the charge to electric commercial vehicles and transform the movement of freight and people.

The brain trust behind the Freightliner move to electric is DTNA’s eMobility team, a group of more than 700 expert engineers. Over the past several months, they have worked alongside the customers who make up the Freightliner Customer Experience and Electric Innovation Fleets to test preproduction models of their new eCascadia semi-truck and eM2 medium-duty trucks. Those models have accumulated over 500,000 real-world miles throughout North America to provide invaluable feedback on the technology and customer experience.

Based on the response, DTNA is rapidly approaching its goal to deliver series-produced eCascadia and eM2 models in 2022 with an unmatched service infrastructure, world-class safety systems and advanced telematics. It will all lead to a quieter, cleaner, connected electric future with zero emissions and reduced total cost of ownership for customers.

eCascadia Specs eM2 Specs


8 6-7


360-500 HP

180-300 HP


82,000 lbs

26,000-33,000 lbs

Mile Range



Usable Capacity Up to 475 kWh

Up to 315 kWh

Recharge 80% in 90 min.

80% in 60 min.


The First Truck Advantage

First Truck Centre is a premier western Canadian DTNA dealer organization. With the impending launch of these new, innovative Freightliner products from DTNA, First Truck Centre’s are ready to work alongside you as you embark on your journey to electrification, with support, education and information on the latest eMobility developments.

Stay tuned in early 2022 for the launch of our First Truck Centre monthly eFlyer focused on eMobility, including the latest market information, updates on provincial rebates and incentive programs and, perhaps most importantly, the availability of the new eCascadia and eM2.

First Truck Center heavy-duty truck dealer and service

Reach Out to Us

Eager to start your electric journey? Get in touch with us at your nearest First Truck Centre for additional information. Worked with us before? Reach out to your dedicated sales team member.


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