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Jan 2022
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When it comes to an equipment purchase, you are faced with several decisions. Many of them you will be well-prepared for before you even speak with a dealer like Velocity Truck Centres. What do you need your equipment to do? What is your budget? What features are important and what is a ‘nice to have’? One decision that may not get the same consideration but is equally important is where you choose to finance your equipment.

Financing with Velocity Truck Centres

Conventional and flexible financing options are a key element of our commitment to total customer support. We work with Daimler Truck Financial to provide a competitive product for owner-operators, large fleet organizations and vocational equipment users and a product that differs in key areas from a bank.

  • Reasonable Collateral – In a typical financing arrangement, a bank will hold several assets in your life as collateral. When you finance with us, we use only the equipment you purchased as collateral for our agreement.
  • Less Cash Down – Banks typically request 25% cash down and financing of the 75% remainder. In our typical agreement, we ask for 10% cash down only, leaving you with more immediate capital to invest in the rest of your operations.
  • Speedier Process – Because everything is dealt with in-house, your transaction is significantly easier – and faster. You can talk to your salesperson and a finance manager at the same time, without sending sales agreements back and forth with your bank. And you can drive away from the dealership with your equipment on the day you sign for it, rather than having to wait.

Payment Flexibility

Our conventional methods of financing are strong, with fixed monthly payments for the full term of the loan, locked-in interest rates and no early payout or pre-payment penalties. However, we also offer more options to meet your specific needs.

Those options include seasonal payments or skip payments so that you can protect your income and not worry about payments when you don’t have revenue coming through the door. This is ideal for clients whose work ebbs and flows based on weather or industry demand.

Total Customer Support Leaves You with Peace of Mind

When you purchase equipment with us, the minute you leave the dealership isn’t goodbye. It is your official welcome to Velocity Truck Centres. Our commitment to total customer support means we are your one-stop shop for assistance.

Why? Because we think it’s important to take care of you in-house with the people who know you and your equipment best. That means working with you on sales, helping you finance your units and providing all-around servicing that supports you with everything from parts and maintenance to our body shops staffed with fully certified, factory-trained technicians. Whatever is needed to keep you on the move, our team is there to help.

Get more information on our financial offerings in Alberta and British Columbia


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