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Nov 2023
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Velocity Truck Centres is a proud supporter of Clean Technology in British Columbia and Alberta.  Today marks the grand opening of our Abbotsford CNG and Hydrogen Service Bay. The first of its kind in Western Canada, we can support safe repairs for CNG and Hydrogen powered Trucks. With 7 day a week service support, we will be able to get your hydrogen engine assessed and serviced quickly, getting you back on the road.

The transportation industry is at a crucial juncture, seeking sustainable and efficient solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Hydrogen-powered trucks are gaining prominence as a promising alternative to traditional diesel-powered vehicles.

This blog post explores the numerous benefits of hydrogen trucks, highlighting their potential to revolutionize the trucking industry and contribute to a greener future.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most significant advantages of hydrogen – powered trucks is their environmental friendliness. These vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, meaning they do not release harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), or particulate matter into the atmosphere. Even if you have a duel fuel engine, this makes hydrogen trucks a critical tool in combating climate change and improving air quality, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

Long Range and Quick Refueling

Hydrogen powered trucks offer a longer driving range compared to an all-electric battery-powered truck. With fast refueling times (comparable to refueling with diesel), drivers can cover more kilometers in a day without long charging stops. This is particularly advantageous for long-haul trucking operations.

Versatile Applications

Hydrogen – powered trucks are versatile and can be employed across various industries and transportation needs. They are well-suited for long-haul freight transport, as well as for last-mile delivery vehicles, port logistics, and public transit systems. This versatility makes them a viable option for a wide range of commercial applications.

Quieter Operations

Hydrogen fuel cells are known for their quiet operation. Unlike diesel engines, which produce significant noise pollution, hydrogen trucks run silently. This is beneficial for both drivers and communities along transportation routes, where noise reduction is a priority.

Here at Velocity Truck Centres, we want to go above and beyond to train our future technicians on clean technology.  We are proud to work with local education institutions to guide and build Green Seal training programs.  We pride ourselves on strong partnerships with industry leaders in this technology.

Contact us to discuss how we can support the service and maintenance of your Hydrogen Truck.


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