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Optimizing Your Forestry Fleet with Velocity Truck Centres
Apr 2024

BC is synonymous with lush greenery, forests, and the ocean. In the BC forestry sector, the efficiency and reliability of your fleet can be the difference between profit and loss. That’s where Velocity Truck Centres steps in, offering unparalleled service and maintenance solutions designed to minimize downtime and maximize uptime for your operations.

The BC Forestry Industry

Forestry in BC stands as a cornerstone of the province’s economy, contributing significantly through jobs and supporting rural communities. BC’s vast and diverse forests cover much of the province, offering a rich resource base for timber and non-timber products. The forestry sector in BC is one of the most significant in Canada, from Terrace to Kelowna, characterized by a mix of public and private land management practices.

The industry primarily focuses on sustainable forest management, aiming to balance the ecological, social, and economic values of forests. In places like Campbell River and Prince George, this includes selective logging, replanting efforts to ensure reforestation, and adhering to strict government regulations to protect biodiversity and environmental health. BC’s forestry practices are guided by comprehensive policies and regulations, including the Forest and Range Practices Act, which sets the standards for sustainable forest management.

BC is a leading exporter of softwood lumber, pulp, and paper products, with a significant portion of its forestry products shipped to international markets. The forestry sector faces challenges, including market fluctuations, trade disputes, and the impacts of climate change, such as increased vulnerability to wildfires and pest outbreaks. However, innovation and adaptation are critical focuses for the industry, aiming to enhance sustainability and resilience in the face of these challenges.

Incorporating forestry-specific considerations into fleet management is crucial in BC, where logging trucks and machinery must navigate rugged terrain and variable weather conditions. 

Velocity Truck Centres recognizes the importance of the forestry sector to BC’s economy, and we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of forestry fleet operations, ensuring that vehicles are maintained to the highest standards for reliability and efficiency in this demanding environment.

Forestry Truck Maintenance Needs

Maintaining a forestry fleet demands a specialized approach, given the unique challenges posed by off-road conditions and heavy loads inherent to the industry. It involves regular maintenance and adapting to the specific needs of forestry vehicles. This includes rigorous inspection and maintenance of the vehicle’s undercarriage, suspension, and braking systems to withstand the rough terrain. 

Attention must be paid to the hydraulic systems crucial for loading and unloading timber, ensuring they are in peak condition to handle the heavy-duty cycles. Engine and transmission health are paramount, with regular checks and maintenance to optimize fuel efficiency and performance under constant high-load conditions. 

Implementing a preventive maintenance schedule that considers the operational environment of forestry trucks is essential to minimize downtime and extend the fleet’s lifespan. At Velocity Truck Centres, our technicians are adept at addressing these specialized needs, leveraging our comprehensive service offerings and parts inventory to keep your forestry fleet operating at its best.

How Velocity Truck Centres Can Help

Express Assessment: Reducing Downtime

At Velocity Truck Centres, we offer the Express Assessment, a service commitment that promises a preliminary diagnosis of your vehicle within two hours of its arrival. Our rapid response ensures you have the necessary information to make informed decisions about your fleet’s maintenance, allowing you to plan accordingly and reduce unexpected downtime.

Service and Maintenance Excellence

At the core of our service offering are fully certified, factory-trained technicians who bring unmatched expertise to every job. Supported by the longest service hours in the industry, our technicians ensure that your vehicles receive prompt and efficient service, regardless of when you need it.

We also have access to over $8 million in parts inventory across our dealer network. This extensive inventory guarantees that the correct parts are available when you need them, further reducing repair times and keeping your trucks on the road.

Your Partner in Uptime

Velocity Truck Centres has become Western Canada’s leading dealer for Freightliner, Western Star heavy and medium-duty trucks, and Thomas Built supplier. With our convenient locations and service shops across Western Canada, we are strategically positioned to serve you no matter where your operations take you.

As an Elite Support Dealer, Velocity is recognized for providing the highest level of service excellence in the trucking industry. This certification underscores our commitment to maximizing our customers’ uptime through efficient and effective service solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to serving the needs of the Canadian trucking industry has been acknowledged through our recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed companies for seven consecutive years. This accolade reflects our unwavering commitment and loyalty to our employees and customers.

A Vision for the Future

Velocity Truck Centres is driven by a mission to evolve as a growing, profitable, and sustainable enterprise. Our vision is to ensure that everyone we touch—be it our employees, customers, or community—has the opportunity to work, grow, and prosper. This is achieved by providing easy access to our in-person or online services and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Optimizing Your Forestry Fleet with Velocity Truck Centres

Choosing Velocity Truck Centres means opting for a partner dedicated to optimizing the performance and efficiency of your forestry fleet. Our comprehensive service offerings, extensive parts inventory, and uptime commitment ensure that your trucks spend less time in the shop and more time doing what they do best—driving your business forward. Choose one of our convenient locations for all your fleet service needs.


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