Truckipedia Blog Category - Innovation on the Move: How Advanced Truck Service Techniques Are Changing the Game in BC’s North

Truck Service
Feb 2024

On the road in Northern British Columbia, truck drivers must have access to service options along their journey. Velocity Truck Centres is redefining the landscape of truck service and maintenance. With our advanced techniques and customer-centric approach, we are setting a new standard in the industry. 

Express Assessment: Reducing Downtime Significantly

Our Express Assessment is a standout feature of Velocity Truck Centre’s service offerings. Our commitment is to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to the customer within two hours of the truck’s arrival. Our rapid response approach minimizes downtime and gets trucks back on the road faster, a critical factor in the trucking industry.

Expertise and Extensive Network

We pride ourselves on our team of fully certified, factory-trained technicians. We offer the longest service hours in the business, ensuring that help is always at hand when needed. 

Our access to an extensive parts inventory in Canada, valued at over 15 million dollars, guarantees that most repairs can be handled quickly, further reducing downtime.

Expanding Horizons with Velocity Truck Centres Canada

The recent acquisition of First Truck Centre by Velocity Truck Centres marks a significant expansion in Canada. This merger is a testament to Velocity Truck Centres’ commitment to growing and enhancing its service capabilities throughout Western Canada.

Comprehensive Brand Representation

Representing top brands like Freightliner, Western Star, Autocar, and Thomas Built Bus, as well as popular trailer brands, Velocity Truck Centres demonstrates its versatility in handling a wide range of commercial vehicles. This diversity ensures that we can cater to the specific needs of different trucks, offering tailored solutions for each client.

Uptime: A Top Priority

We understand that in trucking, “uptime” is everything. Our focus is not only on rapid servicing but also on doing it right the first time. This approach maximizes uptime, ensuring truckers spend more time on the road and less in the shop.

Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Velocity Truck Centres is not just about servicing trucks; we are about fostering connections and advancing towards a better future. We see ourselves as connectors across North America, helping families and communities to thrive by ensuring the reliability of transportation services.

Core Values: Speed, Value, and Trust

The core values of Velocity Truck Centres – speed, value, and trust – are the pillars of our service. Speed in service delivery, value in competitive pricing, and trust in building lasting partnerships define our approach to every aspect of their business.

Branches Across Northern BC

With multiple branches across Western Canada, Velocity Truck Centres’ network ensures accessibility and convenience for their customers. Our Prince George, Fort St. John, Williams Lake and Terrace locations are equipped to provide the highest level of service, contributing to their recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte for eight consecutive years.

Advanced Service Techniques at Velocity Truck Centres

Velocity Truck Centres is leading the way in advanced truck service techniques in BC’s North. Our commitment to rapid, reliable, and high-quality service is transforming the trucking industry, ensuring that transportation remains the lifeline of communities across North America. With Velocity Truck Centres, innovation is indeed on the move, driving the future of truck maintenance and repair.


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