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Jan 2023
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Hydrogen fuel is a rapidly growing alternative fuel option for commercial vehicles. There are several companies that are working on “add on” hydrogen technology focused on a dual fuel (diesel and hydrogen) alternative. This method involves the injection or mixing of Hydrogen into the intake of your diesel engine to be burned along with the diesel fuel.

There are also several companies who are working on hydrogen fuel cell alternatives. Hydrogen fuel cells take the energy that is created by converting water into hydrogen and making it available as an electrical energy source to power the vehicle. Unlike traditional diesel-powered semi-trucks, hydrogen fuel cells produce only water vapor as a by-product. This makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional trucks and a step towards reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Studies have shown that the use of Hydrogen in your diesel vehicle. Whether in a dual fuel system or a fuel cell application allows the vehicle to maintain equality in range compared to a strictly diesel engine.

In contrast to the traditional batteries that are used in electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells have the ability to sustain prolonged use and continuous operation, which means that hydrogen fuel semi-trucks can be used for long-haul transportation without the range anxiety of battery-electric trucks.

Lastly, hydrogen fuel cell trucks are also quiet, which is an important feature in urban areas where noise pollution is a concern. The electric motors in hydrogen fuel cell trucks make them much quieter than traditional internal combustion engines.

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks are an exciting technology that offers many advantages over traditional semi-trucks. Their zero-emissions, long-range capabilities, and quiet operation make them an attractive option for the transportation industry. As the technology continues to develop and the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel expands, we can expect to see more and more hydrogen fuel semi-trucks on the roads in the future.

First Truck Centre is fully certified to service your Hydrogen or alternative fuel vehicles in our Vancouver and Edmonton facilities, making it a convenient way to do business. Contact us for more information about how we can get you up and running.


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