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Nov 2023

When it comes to long-haul transportation, a minor collision can have significant financial repercussions for the business. It can lead to unforeseen costs such as repair expenses, reduced productivity, missed deliveries, rental of replacement vehicles, and towing fees. Most importantly, collisions can lead to significant and sometimes fatal injuries for drivers and others on the road.

The good news is that heavy-duty trucks have come a long way within just the past decade when it comes to safety and technology – all to minimize accidents. Notably, Freightliner trucks have transformed the landscape of the trucking industry with advanced technology and innovative safety features.

Among all the technological advancements by Freightliner, safety stands out as the highest priority. In this article, we’re highlighting the launch of Detroit Assurance® and Detroit Connect® on the Cascadia model as an example of top-of-the-line Freightliner safety.

Freightliner Technology – Detroit Connect®

Freightliner’s Detroit Connect® technology is a cutting-edge system that sets the standard for connectivity and telematics. It offers fleet managers and drivers a suite of tools to enhance efficiency, safety, and overall performance with real-time data and insights on crucial information. Advancements include:

Virtual Technician

As you’re driving and a diagnostic trouble code appears on the dashboard, the Virtual Technician deciphers the nature of the issue and categorizes it into critical or non-critical status. This feature enables drivers and fleet managers to make informed decisions about whether to pull over for immediate assistance or to continue driving to their planned destination, addressing the issue during scheduled downtime. 

This real-time feedback reduces unnecessary stops and helps maintain the flow of operations. It also ensures that critical issues are addressed promptly while non-critical matters can be managed strategically to minimize disruptions. 

Visibility Fleet Software

Using the power of wireless communication and GPS technology, the Visibility Fleet Software offers a comprehensive and real-time view of a fleet’s equipment. At any given moment, managers can track the location of each vehicle and pull detailed reports. These reports offer invaluable insights into the various aspects of the fleet’s performance, including:

  • The specific path taken by trucks
  • Associated trip costs
  • Idle time
  • Truck activity
  • Fuel consumptions

With this data, fleet managers can make decisions about maintenance scheduling, optimizing a route, and overall resource allocation. 

Zonar On-Board Tablet

The Zonar On-Board tablet provides a suite of applications for truck drivers and fleet managers, including:

  • The Hours of Service (HOS) tracking app, which ensures compliance with regulations and helps prevent driver fatigue. 
  • A two-way messaging system enables seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Turn-by-turn truck navigation that optimizes route planning.
  • The RFID pre-and post-trip inspection that streamlines the inspection process.

Freightliner Safety – Detroit Assurance®

Detroit Assurance® provides advanced safety technologies that set a new standard for commercial trucking safety. These safety advancements work to minimize accidents, protecting drivers, cargo, and all road users. Some of the integrated and optional technologies include:

Adaptive Cruise Control 

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) intelligently regulates cruising speed to maintain a consistent and secure following distance, ranging from 2.3 to 2.5 seconds behind vehicles in the same lane. ACC also has the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, even in stop-and-go traffic scenarios.

Active Lane Assist

Mounted on the windshield and facing forward, the camera system adeptly identifies lane markers with reflective paint and raised reflectors. In the event that the truck veers across these markers without the driver engaging a turn signal, the system initiates a Lane Departure Warning. 

This warning is an audible alert emitted from the relevant speaker on the side of the truck that crosses the lane marker, as well as a visual alert on the instrumental panel. If the truck continues to drift out of its designated lane, the ALA system takes proactive measures to guide it back into the correct lane using Lane Keep Assist (LKA) micro-steering movements.

Side Guard Assist

Side Guard Assist addresses critical blind spots that are inevitable with large trucks. Advanced sensors and cameras are strategically placed along the sides of the truck to monitor these blind spots. When the system detects an object or person in the truck’s path during a lane change or a right turn, it promptly alerts the driver and prevents potentially disastrous scenarios. 

Traffic Sign Display

With this optional feature, a windshield-mounted camera recognizes various traffic signs, including speed limits, and displays them in the instrument cluster. This ensures that drivers are aware of critical road information.

Automatic Wipers/Headlamps

A Rain/Light Sensor detects precipitation on the windshield and in low-light conditions. When the wiper controls are set to “auto”, the sensor intuitively activates the wipers as needed, enhancing visibility during adverse weather conditions. 

When the headlight switch is in the “auto” position, the Rain/Light Sensor responds to low light levels by automatically turning on the headlights, ensuring optimal visibility. As lighting conditions improve, the system automatically deactivates the headlights.

Intelligent High Beam

When the headlight switch is configured to auto high beam, Detroit Assurance’s 5.0 camera technology takes over. The system automatically switches from high to low beams upon detecting the headlights, taillights, or city lights of other vehicles.

This feature minimizes glare for other drivers while ensuring that the road for drivers remains well-illuminated for safety. 

The Present and Future of Trucking

Freightliner trucks have long held the reputation of leading the way for safety, efficiency, and performance. While advanced safety features contribute to a safer and more manageable driving experience for all road users, they’re not a complete substitute for careful driving and operators who are alert and aware of the road.

Nevertheless, these technologies highlight Freightliner’s dedication to both driver convenience and road safety. And at Velocity Truck Centers (VTC), we’ll get behind the wheel of any advancements that safeguard lives in the world of commercial trucking!


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