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Mar 2022
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Pump the Brakes on Purchase Prices. Total Cost of Ownership is a Better Metric for Your Freightliner Truck.

We’re all consumers, so we can’t help but be tempted by low purchase prices. Paying less for a product up front creates visions of more purchasing power, more savings or more opportunity to invest elsewhere in your business. But when it comes to your trucks, a cheaper purchase price up front often leads to higher overall total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the vehicle.

The Freightliner products we sell at Velocity Truck Centres offer our customers some of the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. Total cost of ownership really includes fuel savings over the life of the vehicle, parts pricing, driver comfort and accident avoidance safety features, uptime analytics and Elite dealer network support.

Fuel Efficiency

Designed to reduce your real cost of ownership, the Freightliner Cascadia offers improved fuel economy, enhanced safety features and leads the way in technological advancements.

The Detroit Integrated Powertrain (IDP) integrates the most fuel efficient Detroit DD13 and DD15 engines ever made, with the technologically advanced DT12 transmission and specifically engineered Detroit steer and high-speed ratio tandem rear axles for optimal and efficient performance.

Parts Pricing

Expensive parts mean your costs can escalate quickly, even if your initial purchase was relatively cheap. As an example, the turbocharger for a competitor’s engine can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $7,000. The same part for Freightliner’s turbo runs from $2,000 – $4,000. Knowing what your costs will be when your truck needs replacement parts or repair can help you make the right purchase choice.

Elite Support

Having the right support for your trucks is critical. Velocity Truck Centres is Elite Certified and we provide Elite Support for Freightliner products. That means that when you bring your truck in, we will let you know within two hours what’s wrong, what it will cost to fix and how long the fix will take.

Understanding the support you have with your truck means you know what to expect. You’ll be able to manage your business better and minimize potential downtime.

Driver Comfort/ Safety

Your truck won’t hit the road unless you have someone to drive it. There is heated competition for drivers, so ensuring your vehicles are top of the line in comfort is important. Freightliner takes direct input from their customers to enhance the comfort of drivers. This has meant better visibility, better seating, a high roof and enough room for two people to travel comfortably together.

Having drivers who are happy with your product means you don’t have to bear the costs of onboarding and training new ones after others have left for better fleets.

Analytics to Drive Uptime

The average cost for a commercial truck to be out of service for a day is $1,000 in loss of revenue plus drivers’ wages and expenses. Having real-time performance data and analytics can lessen wear and tear and reduce downtime by proactively managing potential issues.

Even when your drivers are thousands of miles away, Freightliner’s Virtual Technician notifies you if your truck’s performance is dropping and gives you actionable items to rectify the problem. If an issue is serious enough, you’ll get details about where the nearest parts are and the nearest dealer for repairs. This approach maximizes uptime so that your freight keeps moving and your bottom line is maintained.

FTC’s Total Customer Support Philosophy

When you purchase equipment with us, the minute you leave the dealership isn’t goodbye. It is your official welcome to our Velocity Truck Centres family. Our commitment to Total Customer Support means we are your one-stop shop for assistance. If your truck breaks down, we are there to help you, no matter how far away your driver might be. Our service team will engage nearby dealers and direct you to them to get the support you need. We know you need to stay on the move to have your business succeed, so we’re always there to help.

For more on Freightliner products and their approach to total cost of ownership, talk to one of our Freightliner Sales Representatives today



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