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Essential Maintenance Strategies for Mining Trucks in Alberta
Apr 2024

Alberta is home to a large-scale mining industry. For those overseeing mining operations, the performance and longevity of your mining fleet directly influence your operational success. 

When you make significant investments in your fleet, you expect them to provide a prolonged, hardworking service life. This return relies on a comprehensive maintenance strategy for your mining trucks. For Lloydminster workers, having a trusted partner like Velocity Truck Centres for maintenance needs is vital.

Purchasing dependable trucks with quality parts is fundamental, but the real value is unlocked through a meticulously planned and adhered-to maintenance regimen.

Environmental Considerations

The extreme temperatures and dusty conditions commonly found in Alberta’s mines, like those near Edmonton West, can severely impact truck performance. Implementing strategies to combat these environmental challenges is crucial. This includes using high-quality filters to protect engines from dust, ensuring that cooling systems efficiently manage temperature extremes, and applying protective coatings to prevent corrosion.

Key Maintenance Insights for Mining Trucks

Effective maintenance will extend the operational life of mining trucks. It enhances fuel efficiency, thereby saving costs, minimizing the likelihood of expensive and disruptive breakdowns, boosting mining output, and potentially increasing resale value.

Monthly maintenance inspections are recommended for each truck, designed to be time-efficient while identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate into significant expenses.

Your maintenance checklist should cover the following:

  • Air Filters: Replace if found dirty.
  • Alternator: Ensure proper functionality.
  • Battery: Inspect for corrosion and assess charge levels.
  • Brakes: Verify brake fluid levels and check for leaks.
  • Exhaust System: Inspect for and address any damages or looseness in supports or clamps.
  • Fan and Belt: Replace worn or damaged belts and hoses. Ensure proper tightness of all clamps.
  • Fuel System: Check for damage or leaks in the fuel line and pump.
  • HT Leads: Ensure they are in good condition.
  • Ignition Coil: Check for damage.
  • Lights: Ensure all are functioning and properly adjusted. Replace any faulty bulbs.
  • Oil: Monitor and maintain appropriate levels. Change oil quarterly, ensuring compatibility with the vehicle. Replace the oil filter as needed.
  • Radiator: Check for corrosion, leaks, or damage.
  • Seat Belts: Ensure cleanliness, functionality, and freedom from debris.
  • Shock Absorbers: Test and replace if needed.
  • Vehicle Cab and Windshield: Maintain cleanliness and replace wiper blades biannually.

Tire Care

Tires, being critical to your truck’s hauling capability, demand careful maintenance. Proper tire care can avert blowouts, enhance fuel economy, ease driver stress, and extend truck lifespan. Maintenance activities should include:

  • Tire rotation.
  • Correct inflation.
  • Tightening of lug nuts.
  • Balancing wheel assemblies.
  • Ensuring proper wheel alignment.
  • Applying tire and wheel conditioners to guard against damage.

Professional Maintenance

While the outlined steps provide a foundation for truck upkeep, engaging professional maintenance services annually or semi-annually can address more complex or overlooked issues. These sessions offer a chance to refine your maintenance plan with expert input, ensuring comprehensive mining truck care.

Routine and thorough inspections are crucial to identifying potential issues before they escalate into major problems. These inspections should cover all critical components, including the engine, transmission system, brakes, and suspension, as well as the electrical systems and tires. Given the harsh mining conditions, paying close attention to signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, corrosion, or unusual wear patterns, is essential. Regular inspections not only prevent breakdowns but also extend the lifespan of mining trucks.

Listening to Your Truck

Beyond scheduled maintenance, attentiveness to your truck’s sounds can preempt issues. While driving in Edmonton South, paying attention to sounds such as squeaking belts, clicking during turns, wheel clicking, changes in engine tone, engine knocking, or backfiring means your truck needs immediate attention or service to prevent further complications.

Choosing Velocity Truck Centres for Mining Truck Maintenance

Effective maintenance of mining trucks in Alberta’s challenging environments is a comprehensive task that demands a strategic, proactive approach. Regular inspections, preventive maintenance, specialized care for critical components, and technology integration are all key elements of a robust maintenance program. By adhering to these strategies and leveraging specialized maintenance services, mining operations can ensure their trucks remain reliable, safe, and efficient, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Velocity Truck Centres knows the importance of a disciplined approach to maintenance, ensuring your mining trucks operate at peak performance, ultimately safeguarding your investment and operational efficiency. When you need a trusted partner in Edmonton South, Edmonton West or Lloydminister, Velocity Truck Centres is there for all your maintenance needs.


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