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Western Star Heavy-Duty Truck
Mar 2023

Are you considering purchasing a heavy-duty truck? If so, Western Star trucks are among the most dependable brands available. But you may wonder what you need to know about these trucks before you commit. This article will provide insight into why purchasing a Western Star Truck is the right choice for your business and your bottom line. 

The Reputation of the Western Star Truck 

Western Star trucks are built for durability; they rank favourably on scores of reliability and resale value. Moreover, its reputation for longevity and toughness stems from its usage of the best engine in the industry. As a result, the brand is a staple in numerous sectors, blending efficiency with comfort to create a high-ranking and incredibly durable asset.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see some Western Star rigs surpass the one million-kilometer mark. Additionally, Western Star prides itself on its safety and reliability ratings and makes improvements every year, making it a top contender in the market. The company also offers some of the most fuel-efficient trucks you can find.

What New Model Features Are Available?

The trilogy of Tough has arrived on the market, and with that, the best attribute of a new Western Star truck is its improved technological features. Western Star has industry-leading fuel economy due to its newly designed aerodynamics; you can get 7-8 miles a gallon under ideal driving conditions.

Some additional inside features include:

  • Steel cab construction for additive safety and protection
  • More cabin space which helps with comfort
  • Customized seating and suspension for your driving needs

The most significant advancements are safety improvements. For instance, system alerts are available for blind spots on the passenger side. Western Star has also made its windshield a staggering 28% bigger than the competition, supporting further increased visibility to the driver’s surroundings.

Next Step: Ask us About Our Financing Options

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