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Nov 2022
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The team at Velocity Truck Centres got together for some Movember fun to raise money for a good cause and to create a little friendly competition amongst our branches and employees. Little did we know that two of our competitors had long standing Moustaches that have become a part of their identity. Andy and Clint have had Moustaches that have seen them through births of children, weddings, and important life events. We are honoured that they decided to part ways with their long-standing trademarks and participate in this great cause.

What was your reason for not shaving your moustache off for 40 years?

Andy: My Stache has always been me. And my wife wanted me to keep it.

Clint: Well my name is Clint but not Clint Eastwood, I didn’t get blessed with his rugged good looks so I thought I should fur up to get more of a Grizzly Adams look.

Now that we know the reason for keeping it, what was your reason for shaving it off this year and for joining in Movember?

Andy: The ladies in service were after me to shave it off. They were given the challenge of needing $1000 in pledges before I would consider it. I also told them there was no way they would get that much in pledges. They proved me wrong.

Clint: Cody used his superior salesman skills on me and relentlessly harassed me until I caved in, to his overwhelming peer pressure, no wonder he is in sales!

Any other fun fact/story about your moustache??

Andy: The last time it was shaved off was just before I got married 40 years ago. I showed up at rehearsal without it and it was a bit of a shock to everybody including the lady I was marrying.

Clint: My Stache has been skydiving, scuba diving, camping, and provided me with my sense of security. My mustache to me is what Linus’ blanket is to him. Long live the Stache!

Movember is the leading charity that raises awareness for men’s mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. For 30 days, starting on November 1 until November 30, participants were encouraged to grow their moustaches to help spark conversation on men’s health and to raise funds.

We want to thank all of our Velocity Truck Centres employees who participated in raising money and bringing awareness to such a great cause. Together they raised over $3,700: Cody Fortin, Andrew Burkholder, Clint Hicks, Jesse Caron, Kevin Wallbank, Brandon Fehr, Brandon Praud, Richard Conlin, Troy Mazar, John Zimmer, Chris Stefaniuk, Dallas Knahs, Ryan Unger, Lawrence Scheffelmiar, Gerald Curtis, and Dylan Pinto.


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