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Truckipedia Blog Category - First Truck Kamloops Specializes in Parts and Service

Aug 2022
Company, Truck Service Centre

No Matter the Challenge, No Matter the Brand – First Truck Kamloops Specializes in Parts and Service

What does a First Truck Centre branch do when it doesn’t sell trucks? It provides parts and service support for vehicles of all shapes, sizes and ages! That’s the case at our Kamloops branch, where the team brings well over 300 plus years of combined experience to their work every day. The branch is one of our newest, joining the company in April 2022 with a team that is happy and proud to be a part of First Truck and appreciates everyone who has reached out to help them get on board and learning the culture.

Kamloops is a dealer of Traction parts, the largest aftermarket truck parts distributor in Canada. This gives the branch access to more than 500,000 original equipment (OE) parts to help support their work and the work of our other First Truck branches. Their expertise goes far beyond Traction, however. When we say they work on vehicles of all shape, sizes and ages, we mean it, from trucks to horse trailers and high rail track layers to car haulers. These mechanics and technicians know what they’re doing because of the diversification of everything they work on!

How do you gain this experience with so many different types of vehicles? The team understood many years ago that, in order to grow, they couldn’t be limited to working only on the trailers that had been their mainstay for years. Knowing that every trailer they were working on was brought in by a truck, they started taking on the service and parts work for those vehicles as well, doing everything from engine rebuilds to light tower generator maintenance. Their experience diversified from there, taking on more and different types of vehicles and hiring people who had the skillset to match.

First Truck Kamloops is a go-to resource when the strange and unfamiliar happens for one of their customers or any of our other branches around western Canada. The mechanics and technicians have serviced so many vehicles that there is little they haven’t seen and they are always prepared to share that knowledge. They get creative when looking for parts, too, as simply searching by serial number doesn’t work when there is a 20+ year old Chevrolet truck sitting in the shop. Their 300-years-plus of combined experience and unique approach to service has created a culture where no one person in the shop has all the answers but there is always someone who does.

What customers get when they enter First Truck Kamloops is a team who works together to get the job done, no matter the brand and no matter the challenge. Because the team is small, everyone from managers to the newest employee knows how to work behind the counter, how to find and bill out a part and how to help find a solution. The specialty of this unique team is truly the breadth and depth of the support that they offer.

Do you have a unique vehicle problem that needs a solution? Do you need an engine rebuilt? Or maybe it’s just minor repairs or an oil change. First Truck Kamloops does it all. Learn more about them and all our First Truck Centre branches at


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