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Jan 2022
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Truckers deserve the peace of mind that comes with top-notch commercial truck repair services, but navigating through the sea of truck service providers is not always easy. Though heavy-duty trucks come in many different forms, they all require maintenance and repair. Companies that depend on hauling goods are eager to find heavy-duty truck services they can rely on to reduce their downtime and keep drivers safe on the road.

While many professionals in the industry will advise you to look for providers that have extensive experience and longevity, you also want to look for value-added and inquire about what sets a service centre apart from the rest. Along with reputation, reviews, and customer service, below are 3 important considerations when choosing a heavy-duty truck service centre in Edmonton and Alberta.

Quick Diagnosis

If you’ve ever waited hours or a day for a diagnosis even before the repairs start, you know how unsettling the delay can be. This downtime is costly for truck drivers and, without answers, you’re left to provide vague updates to clients who are waiting for their goods or material. Furthermore, it’s challenging to shift plans and work out the logistics when you’re unclear about the status of your truck.

At Velocity Truck Centres, we operate with what we call an ‘Express Assessment’ which is a commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to the customer within 2 hours of arrival. We understand that communication is crucial for truck drivers, fleet managers, and your clients, which is why we’ve made Express Assessments an important part of our service offerings.

Fully Certified, Factory-Trained Technicians

Not all heavy-duty truck technicians are fully certified or factory-trained. Simply put, a factory-trained technician is one who has completed a course offered by the manufacturer in servicing a specific brand or model. Luckily, we have both.

What this means for you is that your heavy-duty truck is in the hands of a technician who has specialized skills and expertise on brand-specific components. While technicians who are experienced in the general principles of heavy-duty truck services can certainly complete maintenance work, fully certified and factory-trained technicians understand key differences between makes and models. Our technicians are trained and certified to fix any make and model of truck.

Operates with a Dealer Network

When your heavy-duty truck breaks down, the last thing you need to hear is that repairs will take longer than normal because the service centre does not have the parts needed. Having a truck out of commission for a longer period can be detrimental to your operations, whether you have a small or large fleet.

Service centres that offer quick turnaround can significantly reduce your downtime and get you back on the road while still completing quality work. At Velocity Truck Centres, we have access to over 8 million dollars in parts inventory through our dealer network across western Canada.

Our promise of “less time in the shop, more time on the road” is made possible with an extensive inventory of parts and the longest service hours of anyone in the business. Contact us to schedule a service or find a service centre near you.


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