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Jun 2024
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World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5 as the primary United Nations outreach day focused on awareness and action for environmental protection. It’s a day to celebrate the work being done worldwide by organizations, governments and businesses to make progress on environmental goals, from land protection and regeneration to water usage to emissions reductions, an area where our energy is focused at RIZON.

There are few simpler ways for the transport industry to reduce emissions than adopting the use of electric vehicles (EVs). Until recently, the wide majority of EVs seen on the road were passenger vehicles. However, behind the scenes, development of larger electric trucks has been occurring for some time. Seeing adoption on the roads has simply taken longer due to the unique demands of short and long-haul transport and heavy-duty vehicles. But those solutions are here, and they cover many shapes and sizes.

The RIZON brand of commercial electric trucks is developed and manufactured by the Daimler Truck Group, a global leader in the transportation industry. Our line of vehicles – four models with 12 possible configurations – is taking the lead in fully-electric medium-duty trucks that pair real-world business needs with a desire to reduce impact on the environment with zero emissions.

The electric mobility platform that forms the backbone of RIZON trucks has been tested extensively, with more than 5 million real-world miles during its research and development phase. And while reduced emissions are key, electric vehicles also need to be reliable, comfortable and safe. Each of the models’ interiors has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that drivers can get the job done and return home to their families after long days on the road.

By adopting RIZON electric vehicles, businesses are doing good for the environment through reduced emissions and doing good for their bottom line as well. Lower costs for fuel reduce the total cost of ownership for your fleet, giving you the opportunity to invest in other key areas of what you do.

This World Environment Day, we celebrate all the good that is being done worldwide to create a better place for future generations. We celebrate our team who work each day to create and improve our RIZON products. And we celebrate our customers who are making the transition to electric as part of their commitment to sustainability.

The Class 4/5 Truck of the Future

Bringing calm to the chaos, RIZON trucks are the Class 4/5 truck of the future, available today. Learn more about the RIZON electric truck models at

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