Food Trucks

Would you order a meal from a filthy looking restaurant?

fccc-foodAt FCCC we know chefs all over North America realize that the appearance of the Food Truck, is almost as important as the quality of food that it produces. That’s why an FCCC chassis is the only choice when it comes to the foundation you your new mobile culinary adventure. Freightliner Custom Chassis are the food truck chassis of choice with both the owners and the companies that create these mobile restaurants, and the Chefs that use them.

When it comes to Mobile Culinary Services, we realize that your business is creating works of art that lucky people get to eat. We know that if you wanted to be working on a truck, you wouldn’t have become a Chef. This is why FCCC is the only chassis you should consider when investing in your new mobile culinary venture. With attention to detail and reliability that can only come from supply step side vans into extremely demanding conditions, we’ve learned a thing or two. Freightliner Custom Chassis are not only dependable to ensure you get to that event you are catering, we also have manufactured an chassis that has the lowest costs of ownership in the business. Upside? You build a dependable brand and focus on what you do well… and keep more of that hard earned profit in your apron.

Save a (insert your dish here) for us!


FCCC doesn’t stop at dependability and cost effective. We also understand that there is a growing requirement for Food Trucks to have a sustainable, environmentally friendly foot print. This is why FCCC produces the most efficient alternative fuel walk in vans available today. From Propane, CNG, Gas or Diesel, whatever your requirements and personal convictions are… we’re her to assist you in becoming a Brand to be reckoned with…

 It’s our equivalent to Farm to Table.

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Food Trucks