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virtualtechnicianThe Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ onboard diagnostic system is like having a service technician in each truck. When a fault code event occurs, a technical snapshot is relayed to a Detroit technician who can diagnose the issue, recommend service and even contact the nearest authorized dealership with parts in stock. Providing drivers with this kind of real-time information helps keep them and their trucks safe, while enabling them to manage downtime much more efficiently.

Virtual Technician’s optional Visibility Package is a web-based system that monitors the status of each truck in your fleet. It captures latitude, longitude, time and odometer readings. With pinpoint accuracy, the system records vehicle stops, speeds, routes traveled mileage by state,

How Virtual Technician Works

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Fault Occurs

While driving, Joe sees a check engine light appear on the dash.

Data Transfer

Within two minutes of the fault code, Virtual Technician notifies the fleet as to the severity of the problem. If the situation is critical the engine data from 60 seconds before, during and 15 seconds following the fault event is sent to the Detroit Customer Support Center (CSC).

Severity Determined

The experts at the CSC analyze the data and determine the problem.

Driver Notification

Joe gets a call from his Fleet Manager. He's received a diagnosis from the experts at Detroit: they recommend he head to the nearest authorized service location.

Fault Resolution

When Joe arrives, the technicians are ready with the necessary parts in stock ready to be installed. He gets in and out without hassle so he can get back on the road quickly.