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  • CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program to support emissions reduction from road transportation by:
    • Training drivers and companies on how to improve fuel efficiency
    • Promoting the purchase of energy-efficient equipment
  • Expanding the Clean Energy Vehicle Medium/Heavy-Duty program
  • Pilot project in the Lower Mainland to test options to switch 1,700 freight trucks to cleaner or zero-emission fuel
  • Heavy-duty Vehicles account for:
    • 32% of BC’s transportation emissions or 14% of BC’s total emissions




The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) partnered with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) in 2019 to provide the CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program. The Province has committed $1.4 million annually, for up to three years, for investment in this Program. BCTA is administering the Program on behalf of the Province.

The CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program consists of two components: a one-day course and an application-based incentive offering that provides rebates on qualifying fuel-efficiency equipment. CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Course sessions will be offered online and in select locations across BC, subject to public health orders and guidelines related to COVID-19. Participating in and passing a course session is a prerequisite for any company applying for CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Incentives.

The purpose of this program is to support the reduction of heavy-duty on-road commercial vehicle greenhouse gas (CHG) emissions in British Columbia (BC) through available techniques and proven technology that reduce fuel consumption until near-zero or zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle options are available (i.e., market tested to demonstrate reliability for BC’s topography and climate and priced comparatively to conventional options).

CleanBC is the provincial government’s BC-specific plan to reduce CHG emissions by shifting away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. BC has legislated targets to reduce emissions to 40 percent below 2007 levels by 2030. 60 percent below 2007 levels by 2040 and 80 percent below 2007 levels by 2050.



1. CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible to participate in the program, a company must:

  • Have one or more heavy-duty commercial vehicles in your fleet (a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight greater than 11,794 kg) that is licensed and insured to operate in BC;
  • Have a National Safety Code (NSC) certificate with a “satisfactory” rating (Note: it does not have to be a BC-issued NSC);
  • Conduct business in BC; and
  • Have a terminal located in BC.

Membership in BCTA is not required to participate in the Program.

2. CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Course


BCTA will provide a half-day course, free of charge, to teach participants how to develop a Fuel Management Program for any size of fleet, including how to incorporate measures to improve fuel economy based on efficient driving practices and available technology.

The course will include:

  • An overview of CleanBC, BC’s GHC emissions reduction legislation and the BC road transportation industry’s role in BC’s emissions reduction targets.
  • Fuel-efficiency management practices that carriers can adopt to reduce their fuel consumption such as driving techniques, an improved vehicle maintenance program, installing aerodynamic devices, utilizing wide tires and/or reducing idling time.
  • How to develop a Fuel Management Program for any size of fleet.
  • Participation in group exercises to apply course lessons (Note: group exercises may not be possible in webinar courses).
  • An open-book quiz (a grade of 80% is required to pass the course).
  • A course Handbook

Any company wishing to enroll a representative in the course must meet the Program eligibility requirements above.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are eligible to apply for CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Incentives.

Course information including dates and locations, and registration is available through BCTA’s website at

3. CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Incentives


The CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Incentives offer rebates on the purchase and installation of qualifying fuel-saving equipment. Companies can apply for CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Incentives subject to the following conditions:

  • At least one company representative must complete and pass the CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Course prior to submitting an application for Program Incentives. Note: companies who have had a company representative complete and pass the CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Course Incentives in either 2019 or 2020 do not need to take the course again to be eligible to apply for Program Incentives in 2021, providing they have the same NSC.
  • Affiliates of an eligible company with distinct NSCs must send their own representative to complete and pass the CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program Course in order to apply for Program Incentives.
  • Every company eligible for Program Incentives can receive a maximum of $15,000 per vehicle for $100,000 per fleet per year (April 1-March 30). These maximums apply to the eligible company, including any affiliates.
    • Eligible companies can apply for Program Incentives for their owner/operator vehicles as long as the owner/operator operates under the applicant company’s NSC, AND the applicant company can demonstrate it has the support of the owner/operator, by way of a letter of support, for the application pertaining to their vehicle.
  • All fuel-efficiency equipment approved through the Program Incentives must be purchased and installed in BC by a BC-based facility/company within 65 days for pre-existing vehicles (retrofits) and within 120 days for new vehicle purchases. Installation can be done in-house as long as the facility is in BC and a purchase order and work order can be generated.
  • In order for the fuel-efficiency equipment to be eligible for a rebate through the Program Incentives, purchase must not be made before a company receives notice from BCTA that its application was approved.
  • All applications must be for purchases of the qualifying fuel-efficiency equipment, and can include new vehicles with the qualifying equipment installed by the dealer. No retroactive applications for previously purchased/installed equipment will be accepted.

The application period for the incentives will be open from January 25 to February 5, 2021. All information to be submitted and criteria for awarding rebates will be provided prior to the application period through the BCTA’s website and sent directly to those who have successfully completed the Program Course.

BCTA will advise applicants of any Program Incentive dollar commitments they have been awarded by March 31, 2021, through a letter of commitment. Applicants must meet the conditions of the letter of commitment to receive payment. The conditions will include purchasing/installing the approved equipment within the specified time period (65 days for retrofits of existing vehicles and 120 days for new vehicle purchases) and sending supporting documents to the BCTA to show the purchase and installation has been completed/ Only after BCTA has reviewed the supporting documents and the company has met the conditions in the letter of commitment will the Program Incentive commitments be paid out to applicants.

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