Find the Perfect Finance, Lease or Insurance Product for You

F1RST Truck Centre and Daimler Truck Financial know that financing your equipment is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. That’s why we want to provide you clear and concise information and the tools to assist with this decision. This gives you complete control of your options.

The Planning Centre brings together the descriptions of all our products for all types of customers from owner-operators, to the largest fleet organizations. The benefits of each product in our lineup are detailed to ensure you have the right information to help you make your financing decision. Whatever you need to know about financing and leasing with F1RST Truck Centre, you’ll find it here.




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We offer this conventional way of financing equipment that works with your monthly budget. This financing method offers you the following benefits:

  • A fixed monthly payment for the entire term of the loan
  • A locked-in interest rate
  • No early payout or prepayment penalties

As part of our Conditional Sale Contract, we offer even more options and flexibility to meet your specific needs. Some of our Irregular Payment Financing options are:

  • Balloon taxes in the fourth payment
  • Seasonal and skip payments
  • No early payout or prepayment penalties
  • Accelerated payments

Leasing can be an attractive way to secure the financing of your equipment from a cash flow standpoint. It must be done through a finance partner that you can trust and rely on – we are that partner and can provide you with these leasing benefits:

  • Monthly payment is lower than typical financing
  • Full disclosure of payment terms and options
  • Residual known in advance, at time of lease contract
  • Fixed payments

The leasing option is typically the most affordable option in terms of monthly payments, and may be a financial advantage for many truck operators. Contact for a completely confidential consultation.


Your recent equipment purchase is a large financial commitment, but one that is necessary for your livelihood and your family’s financial well-being. Sometimes unexpected challenges arise that may prevent you from getting behind the wheel and you need to be prepared.

Loan repayment protection is the best and most affordable way to ensure your loan payments are made when you are not in the driver’s seat. It’s a financial safety net for you and the people who depend on you, when there’s a financial breakdown.

Creditor Life Insurance

Pays the outstanding balance on the Insured Loan at the date of death or accidental dismemberment.

Accidental Dismemberment

Pays off loan/lease balance in the event of:
1. Loss of either hands or feet
2. Loss of sight in both eyes
3. Any combination of 1 or 2 above

Creditor Disability Insurance

Covers the Insured Monthly Payment if total disability is caused by injury (if insured with Accidental Disability Insurance) or if total disability is caused by injury or sickness (if insured with Accident & Sickness Insurance). Coverage can be purchased for 6, 12 month or full-term protection.

Critical Illness

Pays off your loan/lease balance based on diagnosis of:
1. Life-threatening cancer
2. Heart attack
3. Coronary by-pass surgery
4. Major organ failure


The group of debt waiver products is an important component to consider when entering into a new equipment loan or lease. These products take over where your insurance leaves off.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

When buying a new vehicle put your mind at ease with GAP. If your vehicle is a total loss due to theft, fire or accidental damage, the difference between your vehicle insurance company’s payment and the balance of your loan will be covered.

Down Payment Waiver

For borrowers with good credit, down payment reimbursement may also be available to further protect your financial investment in your equipment making the purchase of a replacement vehicle very easy.

Deductible Protection

In the event of a total loss, you may be eligible to apply a credit of up to $2,500 toward the replacement purchase of your equipment.

Truckside Assistance

Get out-of-service equipment back on the road as soon as possible. It’s something you hope never happens to you and your equipment – forced downtime due to a breakdown, but this is where TruckSide Assistance* can help you, immediately. This protection offers:

  • 24 / 7 Roadside Assistance (anywhere in North America)
  • Access to the Freightliner / Daimler Service Network
  • Preferred TruckSide Assistance (rates at over 16,000 service providers)
  • Legal Assistance
  • Driver Replacement Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Hazardous Weather Benefit
  • Trip Interruption Expense Reimbursement

Accident Downtime

Accident Downtime Coverage is an affordable and convenient solution to protect your equipment. If your truck is in the repair shop due to a traffic accident, upset, fire and/or vandalism, Accident Downtime Coverage will cover your lease/finance payments, up to four months, to a maximum of $16,000. Contact F1RST Truck Centre for more details.

NAL Insurance Inc. and NAL Administrative Services together are one of the largest roadside warranty and insurance providers in the transportation industry today. NAL Insurance has protected drivers and their assets for over 50 years, providing benefit options for owner/operators, company drivers and fleets.